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Bitcoin Taking a Moderate Rise Despite Still Stuck in the High $9,000 region

After dipping again into the $9,000 region, Bitcoin found themselves a slight improvement. Currently, BTC has just moved up by 0.28% taking its latest price into $9,526. Certainly not something… Read more »

Bitcoin Continue to Hover in the 10,000 Mark Despite Slight Drop

Bitcoin still hovering in the $10,000 region despite experiencing another turbulence last couple of days over an up and down market movements. Currently, BTC is experiencing a slight rise in… Read more »

Bank Of England Governor Believes Digital Currency Can Replace US Dollar

Being a prominent figure as the international monetary and financial system (IMFS) for such long time, U.S. dollar might be changed. This idea was stated by Bank of England’s governor,… Read more »

Etihad Entering Blockchain Realm With Collaboration With Winding Tree

Renown United Arab Emirates airlines, Etihad got themselves embark into blockchain technology with their collaborative work with Winding Tree. The Swiss based travel platform open source firm is set to… Read more »

NBA Entering Blockchain Realm Following Collaboration With Dapper Labs

The crypto technology continue to touch many aspects including sports, with the latest report of National Basketball Association (NBA) ‘s involvement in blockchain technology. NBA apparently are collaborating with renowned… Read more »