Getting to Know About Bitcoin

Being invented way back in 2008, Bitcoin has gone a long way to reach its current status as the top leading cryptocurrency. Born from the creation of mysterious pseudonymous Satoshi Nakamoto, BTC has been able to create such strung following in recent years from many well established investor.

Sharing a bit more about it, Bitcoin itself basically a digital currency which has been decentralized and doesn’t have any connection whatsoever with central bank or single administration. This means that the coin can be sent directly between users via its peer to peer network without any assistant form any intermediaries.

According to its official website, this digital currency set up as an open source, without being specifically owned or controlled by anyone. The purpose is certainly to allow everyone taking part in exciting transactions that haven’t been able to be covered by other means of payment.

One of the interesting part of this cryptocurrency is certainly the mysterious nature of its creator, Nakamoto. Up til now, speculation regarding the real identity of this pseudonymous continue to rise in the media, just like the improvement of the coin itself.

Although the renown coin is still not full treated similar as regular payment methods, but its market value reached significant rise throughout this years. Latest updates from Cointelegraph stating that its current price is at $9.957, slightly dropping from the recent $10,000 mark that the coin previously at.