Wemade Tree Signed Agreement With Blockchain Payment Linka

Korean Blockchained based gaming company Wemade Tree is aiming to provide more comfortness for its user by making a deal with Linka, a local payment provider. Also basing its navigation via blockchain, the payment service is set in giving the ability in paying gaming related stuff via the company’s wallet setup.

Basically Linka will be making things more easy for those are looking to enjoy every blockchain based games. Players can just complete any required payments via the payment provider’s gateway, which should create a more comfortable paying system for its user.

The service itself basically consisting of two coins, one is called Linka points which is naturally being used for making payments. Meanwhile, the other one is Linka tokens that are normally being functioned in providing compensations towards any participants along with the commissions’ payment.

Albeit being a blockchain based service, Linka payment actually accepting cash, credit cards and even points. The wallet itself also offering exchanges, withdrawals, deposits and even mail transfers. It’s also a well known company, especially being the first one in Korea to offer blockchain payments.

As for Wemade Tree, it’s actually a subsidiary of the well known Korean game company Wemade, which was established since 2000. Unlike the head company that offer regular games, especially online based stuff, the subsidiary is setting up its focus on blockchained based games.