Bitcoin Taking a Moderate Rise Despite Still Stuck in the High $9,000 region

After dipping again into the $9,000 region, Bitcoin found themselves a slight improvement. Currently, BTC has just moved up by 0.28% taking its latest price into $9,526. Certainly not something that the coin’s supporters are keen on seeing, but there’s plenty of chances for it to return into that $10,000 mark.

This current situation, once again showcasing the massive turbulence in the crypto market. Not long ago, Bitcoin already regaining their spot in that historic $10,000 but suddenly it’s dropping again, much to the disappointment of this dominanty crypto investors.

In contrast to BTC, two other top cryptos, Ethereum and XRP both are experiencing drop in their performances. ETH saw its latest market situation slipping 1.14% with the price now sitting at $168 region. Meanwhile, XRP’s Ripple also suffering a dip up to 1.30%, which put the coin’s current price into $0.2544.

The current table also seeing Tether(USDT) taking the final top six seat currently with its 0.28% rise and $1,000 price. That spot being taken by USDT was previously being occupied by EOS, which now stepping back into number eight seat.

Mixture in the latest market development for Cryptocurrencies can also be seen from Bitcoin Cash and LiteCoin(LTC). The former taking a slight 0.28% upwards movement taking its price in the $280,- mark. As for LTC, the coin dropping 0.79% making its current market valuation sitting at $64.34.