Bitcoin Continue to Hover in the 10,000 Mark Despite Slight Drop

Bitcoin still hovering in the $10,000 region despite experiencing another turbulence last couple of days over an up and down market movements. Currently, BTC is experiencing a slight rise in between that %1 realm taking its current price into that early $10,000 reign.

It’s not much, but after such a heavy drop not lont ago, still able to reach that number is an exciting time for investors. Those who are very much interested in entering the crypt market, notably for Bitcoin, should feel relatively comfortable about its prospect up til now.

Meanwhile, most of the other cryptocurrencies are also getting a very timid rise in their market movement. Ethereum only saw itself climbing 0.38%, which should put its current price sitting at the $188 setup. Still not much improvement, compared to how it was able to reach the high $200 to $300 few months back.

Bitcoin Cash, XRP along with LiteCoin also experiencing that mini upwards movement that can is still quite positive results. In comparison to Binance Coin along with EOS which saw a slight drop with the former slipping 0.54% while the latter dropping slightly to 0.18%.

Certainly it’s been a pretty positive day for the cryptocurrencies as there’s been slight positive movement compared to yesterday. The home is that more positive movements will be emerging in the next few hours and lifting the cryptos price in the financial market.