Blockchain Wallet Providing Support for BitPay Payment

In an attempt to provide more joy for crypto users, Blockchain Wallet create an update by adding an option for BitPay payment. This new partnership basically set to allow those who uses the wallet making product purchases or services through the crypto payment processors’ online setup.

Not only having the availability of making payments via BitPay, users will also able to retain ownership of their private keys on the crypto wallet. Bitcoin(BTC) payment can also be done entirely through the device’s app, making things simply much more comfortable.

The news of this new setup from Blockchain Wallet was officially announced on August 23 this year. This positive report certainly provide more excitement for users of the wallet who have also been keen doing their payment by using BitPay.

Collaboration between two major forces in the crypto industry always an exciting moment which set that world into a much better situation. If the crypto realm continue to offer plenty of comforting ways, especially in term of payment, more people should really get more enthusiastic about that realm.

Explaining more about BitPay, the crypto payment processor is basically the biggest one in that industry. According to reports stated by Cointelegraph, the Atlanta based payment service provider has been involved in deal worth nearly $3 billion since way back in 2011.