Etihad Entering Blockchain Realm With Collaboration With Winding Tree

Renown United Arab Emirates airlines, Etihad got themselves embark into blockchain technology with their collaborative work with Winding Tree. The Swiss based travel platform open source firm is set to provide the airline with logistic support for its distribution system.

Basically, what Etihad want to have the ability in distributing their services along with products without interference from third parties. According to the major airline’s director of digital and innovation, Tristan Thomas, having Winding Tree as their distribution platform gives that opportunity in disrupting that traditional market which have mostly been dominated by major third party companies.

Moreover, by having this Swiss based blockchain platform, any travel related companies can publish available inventory directly to their costumer. Another positive aspect from this system is because intermediaries fees are being skipped, it’s basically means lower cost.

Etihad themselves are not the first one to use Winding Tree platform as there’s also been other big airlines and hotels that already using it. Some of the well known clients are, Air France-KLM, Lufthansa, Nordic Choice, citizenM Hotel Chain, Airport Hotel Basel and many more.

Although this platform is not being aimed towards retail customers, but Winding Tree ensure that they’re main goal is to provide solutions which will benefit the people. The open source travel platform via its co-founder, Pedro Anderson, also stated that the innovation and competition they’re providing eventually will result in better prices for every consumers.