NBA Entering Blockchain Realm Following Collaboration With Dapper Labs

The crypto technology continue to touch many aspects including sports, with the latest report of National Basketball Association (NBA) ‘s involvement in blockchain technology. NBA apparently are collaborating with renowned blockchained based company, Dapper Labs, to launch a digital platform set for an in-game collectables called NBA Top Shot.

The number one basketball competition is quite excited with this project as they see it as a new way of connecting with their fans, especially in this current era. For this upcoming app, NBA also being joined with National Basketball Players Association (NBPA) as the collectables are basically special moves from top basketball players during the season.

Explaining more about the collaboration, NBPA commercial executive, Josh Goodstadt, revealed that using blockchain tech will offer a unique product for fans. The representative is hoping that NBA lovers can experience of collecting, managing and engaging into Top Shot in a fun playing environment.

This new project is set to officially launch this upcoming fall as it’s being set in line with NBA’s new season tip off. However, the full game for it apparently won’t kick off until early 2020 as Dapper Labs currently are still working their ways to also ensure that the players will get benefit from this experience.

An exciting news indeed for blockchained based technology as their setup continue to get positive attention from many different areas. Meanwhile, Dapper Labs themselves also showcasing how their success with CryptoKitties opens more exciting door for them, currently and in the future as well.

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