Bitcoin Bank Bitwala Receiving 13 Million Euro Investment

Bitcoin price might be experiencing plenty up and down recently, that still doesn’t stop investors trust in the product. One latest prove can be seen from the strong interest over Bitwala, a German based BTC bank which reportedly has been receiving 13 million Euro of investment from major companies.

According to the press release outed by the bank itself, they reportedly getting their aid from the likes of Global Brain (Sony investment venture company), NKB Group, Coparion along with Earlybird Venture Capital. The idea of Bitwala itself according to their co founder and Chief Compliance Officer, Jan Goslicki, is basically connecting Bitcoin with conventional financial system.

Moreover, Goslicki also hoping that their method can work while fulfilling all of the requirements in German banking system, that is known to be very strict. Bitwala pretty much confirming that they have no plan in running away from what is being required from their own nation’s financial setup.

The firm itself also revealed that they already have clients in all of the 31 nations which are part of European Economic Area (EEA). As part of their service, Bitwala also claiming that they are the only bank that are providing free account along with an integrated Bitcoin wallet and also functions for trading.

This exciting situation certainly showcasing how BTC continue to attract attention from investors all over the globe. The top crypto’s potential certainly remain something that trigger many attention for those who are interested in this field of business.

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