Bitcoin and Most Top Cryptos Experiencing Slight Improvement

After experiencing such difficult times recently, the crypto market finally getting some positive results. The latest outcome is showing how Bitcoin shifting 1.14% up, taking its’ current price reaching that $9.633 mark, closing in again into that $10,000 realm. It’s a relatively positive situation for BTC, following the heavy drop in recent days that saw its price plumenting away from the previously high rate.

Despite still not returning into that $10,000 position, but this slight upward movement is strongly welcomed by many investors. Knowing how things have suddenly turned rather difficult for the top cryptocurrency, getting that slight improvement is always something pleasing.

Aside from Bitcoin, most of the top cryptos are also having positive trend at this moment. Ethereum saw its rate moving just 0.57%, not much but still good enough in taking its price into $211 realm. It’s still not close into getting back towards that $300 mark which previously happened not long ago.

Meanwhile, Bitcoin Cash is one of the top cryptocurrencies that experienced the highest upward trend with 4.70% rise in current market. BCH’s price at the moment is at $323.27, a relatively good result indeed for the coin as it continue to hope for further improvement.

EOS so far only moving 0.80% with its price currently set at $4.227, while Litecoin latest rise is at 0.49% taking the digital currency’s latest price into that $91.21 mark. Overall, it’s been a pretty modest climb for the crypto market, though it remain hopeful in getting back into that massive rise up, just like what happened earlier this year.

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