Bitcoin and Crypto Market Suffering from Major Free Fall

After holding on strong in the $10,000 – $11,000 mark, Bitcoin finally running out of luck this time around as the coin falling 11.22% currently. That major deficit puts BTC’s price suddenly dropping heavily into the $9,000 mark, leaving some sight of bitterness for some investors.

It’s been a massively disappointing moment for cryptocurrencies market, including the number one crypto as everything suddenly went into a free fall. Dropping into that $9,000 mark hasn’t been happening since days, but suddenly this massive drop happened on Tuesday.

Nevertheless, BTC still sitting in that high $9,666 region, allowing for potential quick rise back into that $10,000 mark. However, another potential negative result is also possible, considering the strong fluctuation in current crypto market which saw most digital currencies dropping heavily.

Aside from Bitcoin, Ethereum also also experiencing a heavy knock with a massive 13.84% drop putting its current price at $200, mark. Meanwhile, much heavier slip happened to EOS with 16.12% drop along with Litecoin that suffered 14.38% downward spiral, much to those coins disappointment.

After such strong negative outcome, it’s always interesting to check out the immediate response from this cryptocurrencies. Notably for Bitcoin which has been able to perform independently in many occasion this past few months, but this time it was not a strong display from the number one crypto.

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