Brazil State, Bahia, Launching Blockchain Platform to Handle Government Contract Bids

The strong affection of blockchain technology continue to influence many in trying it including government institutes, such as what was done recently in Brazil. One of the nation’s state, Bahia, have got themselves into the crypto based tech following the launching of a blockchained based app called Online Based Solution (SOL).

This solution app apparently set to track down the process of public bidding regarding government contracts, making everything fully transparent and also secure. Those two positive aspects pretty much happens because of the usage of blockchain technology into that new application.

SOL itself was reportedly being developed by Cayenne Technology and Design with the target mainly for those working in agriculture industries. That app supposedly set to connect agriculture related organizations in Bahia with either workers or suppliers throughout Brazil. Notably, all of the upcoming contracts or bids can be viewed in transparent manner thanks to the solution application.

Moreover, according to the state government, the recently launched app itself is predicted to be used by at least 1,100 agriculture associations along with cooperatives in all Bahia region. The funding for it is said being done by collaboration of state governments and world bank in the form of loan agreement. This movement in agricultural industry happened not long after recent plant by Coffee farming cooperative, Minasul, to issue a blockchain token for farmers.

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