Bitcoin Holding On to $11,000 Despite Slight Drop in Crypto Market

The crypto market is not having its best moment this weekend as most of the digital currencies are experiencing negative movements. Even the current top cryptocurrency, Bitcoin also suffering from a drop as it slipped 3.68% so far taking its current price into $11,179.

Despite that negative result, still sitting in that $11,000 mark is another showcase of BTC’s positive movement this year. Notably in recent weeks, things have mostly been going well for the top crypto, although some up and down outcome remain an issue.

Notably the crypto market still struggling to maintain that consistency recently, which can be seen with another drop in current market. Nevertheless, the top cryptocurrencies didn’t experience such high drop with Litecoin being that only coin taking the biggest slip.

Currently LTC suffered a 4.08%slip, taking its latest price into $101.05, not too disappointing as it remain in that $100 region. Meanwhile, Bitcoin cash experiencing 3.17% drop down this weekend which means that the coin’s current market value is set at $339.54.

Other major cryptos such as Ethereum (ETC) also saw themselves dropping about 2.36% sitting its price into that $267 region. Ripple’s XRP slipped down 3.72% taking its value to $0.3314, not a convincing look as the coin still struggling to break into that $1 mark. Completing the top six cryptos are EOS, which also slipping 2.07% with its market price currently sitting at $4.703.

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