Bitcoin Still Sitting Well at $11,000 Mark Despite Up and Down Movements

Bitcoin still continue to do pretty well in the market despite experienced a rather turbulence last 24 hours. BTC has been having a quite rapid up and down result with minus outcome which suddenly changed into positive moments within just few minutes.

Currently, the number one crypto fount itself moving up 4.83% which pretty much put its current price sitting at that high $11,000 region. However, seeing the rapid movement of the market, things can easily change within hours or even minutes, so BTC can either surge up or slipping down once again.

Meanwhile, aside from Bitcoin, other cryptocurrencies also experiencing mostly positive results so far. Ethereum getting an upward trend by moving 4.58% setting its price into $307 mark, which is a quite positive outcome for ETH.

A rather disappointing situation happened to Ripple’s XRP as it was slipping slightly just 0.18%, not much but still taking the coin’s price in the $0.3960 mark. Litecoin itself experiencing a modest rise 0.70% taking its current price into $120 for the time being. Not super high upward movement, but still a necessary situation considering the struggle the LTC had recently.

Bitcoin Cash also getting that positive rise up to 1.43% which basically means that its latest price is at $411. Meanwhile, completing the top six crypto ranck is EOS which also getting that slight 1.4% upward movement, taking the coin’s current price into the $5.923 region.

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