Bitcoin Rising Solo as Most Major Cryptocurrencies Slipping Down

Bitcoin showcasing its ability to stay top as the number one Cryptocurrency after rising up well in this 24 hour while others are dropping. Although it’s been a quite rare sights, but BTC continue to prove that it can become a strong investment in the market without involving other cryptos.

After experiencing that turbulence week, this last two days have been pretty positive turning out for the top coin as currently it rose up to 2.61% taking its market price up again into $8,489. An exciting improvement indeed as BTC gaining ground again on its market price after recent drop, giving another optimism that it can reach the high $8,000 once again.

Unfortunately, this positive round up for Bitcoin was not followed by other top cryptocurrencies as the likes of Ethereum (ETH), Ripple’s XRP(XRP), Litecoin (LTC), EOS and Bitcoin Cash (BCH) all suffering a moderate drop. A rather common result judging by how the crypto market has been moving in this past few days.

ETH saw its rate slipping down 0.69% putting the current price at $258.16, while XRP dropped 1.78% into $0.3965. Meanwhile, the likes of Litecoin also moving down 1.78% making its current price sits at $129.50, but the massive drop happened to Binance Coin , which reached 9.84% shifting its market price into just $31.86 at the moment.

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