Bitcoin Remain at $8,000 Mark, Litecoin Still Dropping

After another modest up and down turbulence in the market, Bitcoin (BTC) finally manage to stay at the $8,175 up til now. The number one cryptocurrency saw a very slight rise up into 0.51% currently, which is something positive since they did experience a slight loss earlier.

The ability to remain at that $8,000 mark is certainly impressive seeing how things were looking not to convincing couple of days back for BTC and the majority of crypto market. However, at the moment things have been looking positive again with most of the cryptos are experiencing positive trend in the trade market.

However, despite the relative positive trend, apparently not all of the online currencies are doing well right now. Litecoin that has been soaring high lately, still see themselves in a negative mode dropping 2.90% at the time being, putting their current price around $133.25.

This drop is somewhat a continuation of recent days which also saw them slipping despite being one of the fast climbing crypto recently. Still, the current drop is not too high as just yet, so there’s positivity that things will go up again for the coin.

Meanwhile, the likes of Ethereum (ETH), Ripple (XRP) along with EOS also experiencing moderate rise in their market price. ETH got themselves up to 0.74% (with the price at $258.71), XRP climbing just at 0.29% ($0.4011) while EOS rising up to 2.55% ($6.490)

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