Renown Crypto Site CCN Shutting Down Following Google Search Update

Recent updates that Google did once again creating some controversies as some major websites suffering many problems because of it. One of the top website that received a massive impact after the new core setup on June 2019 is crypto news based CCN, which has been around for six years.

Confirming the news via a post on their website, CCN’s founder and also director, Jonas Borchgrevink, explained that recent massive drop of traffic is the main reasoning for their decision to shutting things down. Borchgrevink stated that while low traffic has been a common issue lately, but the recent fall that reached up to 71% on mobile is something that the website can’t tolerate.

Having already adding some new staff into their rosters, CCN simply think that they can’t keep on going with that massive traffic drop especially as they’re running on advertisers revenue. This situation forced Borchgrevink to move his website team into which is more of a news platform dedicated for journalists.

The CCN founder was visibly upset with how things happened, especially since there haven’t been any clear explanation over how that massive drop suddenly happens. For now, he and everyone can only speculate and guess on it as the explanation that comes regarding the situation is not clear enough for Borchgrevink.

It’s not the first time that google updates on its search engine creating massive changes and issues with website owners. Previous updates that they’ve done also resulted in similar situation, with several random sites suddenly losing massive traffic, while there’s still other similar sites that are doing okay.

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