Coinbase Earn Adding Dai Stablecoin as Course Material

An interesting Crypto platform from Coinbase, dubbed Coinbase Earn has decided to add a new course for its users. The new addition that has been added is Dai stablecoin, which comes from MakerDao and also being supported by token maker (MKR).

Dai itself will be the first stablecoin which Coinbase Earn are covering as their other courses are basically about other major cryptocurrencies and technologies. The decentralized stablecoin by run on Ethereum is supposedly being design with a major goal of keeping its target value about at least $1.

Having that MKR backed stablecoin on their crypto based education platform means that Coinbase is also supporting the availability of Dai. According to reports from Cointelegraph, the digital currency exchange based in San Francisco recently announced the addition of Dai into the company’s exchange.

It’s certainly a confident move made by Coinbase regarding the stablecoin as basing on the latest report, Dai’s worth currently is still less than $1. This means that it’s still hasn’t been able to fulfill that promise that the token has been advocating.

However, by adding the stablecoin into one of crypto course on Coinbase Earn it seems that there’s an expectation that people will suddenly discover the attractiveness of Dai. The education platform is not just providing basic understandings, explanation and other learning materials for the Cryptos they’re managing, but also giving some of the coins as gifts for its users.

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