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Start DateTBA
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CountryHong Kong
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NYNJA App is the world’s first communications app to combine the following unique features on a single, fully integrated platform: Cross-platform support on multiple mobile and desktop operating systems; Open-source platform attracting other developers to create apps within the NYNJA application; Offers a gateway to global e-commerce that is powered by our own cryptographic token, NYNJACoin; Operates its own token for settlement method for ondemand labor and virtual services; Users will own their own data; and These and other key features make this App a truly unique, first of its kind, cross platform application.

NYNJA App aims to harness the power of its user base like no other messaging app has managed to do before – and with an integrated platform that enables users to:

Co-Founder, President, COO & Board Member
Co-Founder, CEO & Board Member
Co-Founder, Chief Strategy Officer & Board Member

Not ready ready to ask for a project update?
Need to ask a colleague for something when you know you won’t be available?
Use NYNJA to schedule text messages and reminders for a time that suits you.

Whether your team is in the office or around the globe, https://t.co/gGCZLRaTuk brings everyone together in an instant to share an idea, collaborate on a project, or close a big deal.

NYNJA is cloud-based so it can be accessed from any device and the information is securely stored. If you mobile, tablet or laptop savvy, we have you covered, even if you lose one or all of them.

Once you've downloaded NYNJA, follow these steps to invite your colleagues and friends to join you. 🙂

The NYNJA features you’ll want to check out first:

NYNJA Instant Translation
Speech to Text Transcription
Scheduled Messages and Reminders
NYNJA Conference Call

Google Play: https://t.co/ui1Ru9Z3ol
Apple App Store: https://t.co/vxpxCyDudr
Web: https://t.co/x1acWY34Ul

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Price1 NYN = 0.10 USD Sale1,200,000,000 Payment ModeETH
Minimum InvestmentN/A Distribution40 % RaisedN/A
Soft Cap20,000,000 USD Hard Cap120,000,000 USD