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ICO NameBrain Space
Start DateJanuary 14, 2019
End DateMarch 10, 2019
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Unfortunately, in the world there is practically no legal framework that would regulate the Internet as an important element of new information technologies, and which is able to regulate relations in the field of intellectual property protection. In addition, there is another circumstance that aggravates the problematic aspect: - the lack of an accessible opportunity for public evaluation of the meaning of most of the author’s objects as “cultural value”; - the predominant ownership of the market for intellectual property by established companies, whose philosophy is not built on social development, rather than on its own financial prosperity.


Attention! For technical reasons, we have to extend the terms of technical work on the project. Expect a message soon. We are at work!

Внимание! По техническим причинам мы вынуждены продлить сроки технических работ на проекте. Ожидайте сообщения в ближайшее время. Мы в работе!

Attention! In order to optimize the ICO process, we carry out technical work on the site until 18.00 Moscow time.

Внимание! С целью оптимизации процесса ICO и сайта "" - Мы проводим технические работы на сервере до 18.00 по мск. Просим не волноваться.

"Brain Space" - the future for the employer!

In addition to protecting copyright, the Brain Space project is able to simplify the life of many business processes.
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F.A.Q🌟You ask - we answer! 🌟
📌 In what cases is it possible to use the work without the consent of the author?
📌 Which countries have copyright?
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F.A.Q🌟You ask - we answer! 🌟
📌 How will the registration of my work be dated, if the work itself was created long before the registration at the Brain Space project?
📌 Can I sell my registered material?
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Price0.0800 USD Sale1,431,000,000 Payment ModeETH, BTC
Minimum InvestmentN/A Distribution53% RaisedN/A
Soft Cap14526000 USD Hard Cap72630000 USD
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